Founding Team

The team builds on extensive experience in bank-related technology development, strategic marketing leadership, and execution of social innovation.

Arno Hesse

Before Clearbon, Arno was Executive Vice President for Retail Markets at Union Bank (over $80 billion in assets) where he led Product Management, Customer Experience Management, and Marketing. Over the past 20 years, he has executed market strategies with a special focus on changing organizational cultures. As a founding member of Slow Money, Arno works on directing investments into local food systems. For updates: @arnohesse

Guillaume Lebleu

Before Clearbon, Guillaume co-founded Brixlogic, a software vendor specializing in the implementation of legacy and modern financial messaging protocols. After Brixlogic’s acquisition by Diebold in early 2007, Guillaume worked on strategic product initiatives related to mobile banking. He is passionate about empowering people with financial technologies. He writes his thoughts on the future of money at and @giyom

Adalbert Wysocki

Adalbert ("Aldo") has over 14 years of experience in various engineering, technical, and leadership roles from startups to medium-size companies. Before Clearbon, Adalbert led automation infrastructure initiatives at Ariba (an SAP company) with a focus on SAAS delivery model, quality, and speed. He also founded MobilyMed, a company that provided mobile data collection for clinical trials. Adalbert loves creating elegant software that solves real life problems.